Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Business Reports

Finally, a glimmer of light at the end of the unemployment tunnel.

Had a very encouraging meeting today with a prospective employer that could feasibly have me up and running by the start of next week, approvals permitting. Should be pretty interesting stuff, too, with a greater range than what I've become used to. Fingers crossed, then.

Researching something else, meanwhile, I stumbled on this (and the kind of people who take issue with reading while on the toilet may want to look away now ...).

Yup, the iCarta is designed to allow you to listen to your iPod while you're making the day's most important pit stops. Quite how much time you'd need to be spending on those drop offs to warrant buying an iBog is reasonably disconcerting. Perhaps there's a chicken and egg element to it - you'd never normally spend so much time on the toilet, but once you've got music facilities you'll be sitting there for hours choosing the perfect soundtrack before letting go.

The Prodigy's Funky Shit, mayhap?


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