Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hearts for Dead Red

The release of Ellen Datlow's Honourable Mentions list the other day not only gave praise to individual writers, but - by extension - to the books they featured in. One book to come off particularly well was Ticonderoga's Australian vampire anthology Dead Red Heart, with 16 of its 33 stories making the list.

Now, in further good news for the collection, Black Static Magazine in the UK has published a review that has plenty of love for the book, commenting on every story individually before giving the work as a whole the thumbs up.

You'll have to grab a copy of the mag itself to read the whole review, but in the meantime I'm happy to say the reaction to my contribution was a positive one:

In Pete Kempshall’s ‘All that Glisters’ the employees of a mining company discover that the legends about an old, abandoned mine have some truth to them, but the precise nature of the menace they face adds a startling note of originality. Along with the unusual concept, this story has some very deft characterisation, with two gay surveyors and a bigoted mine owner portrayed convincingly, while even the calculating agent has some qualms, so that he isn’t the cardboard cut-out villain of the piece.
Dead Red Heart is still available to order from Ticonderoga, Amazon and The Book Depository.


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