Saturday, September 09, 2006

Supermarket Sweep

Unpacking our bags after last week's supermarket shop, I noticed that we'd ended up paying for a fair bit of stuff we didn't actually want. It seems my son had made a unilateral decision to supplement our groceries with a few little essentials we'd somehow overlooked ...

This week we took two trollies down the aisles - one for the sanctioned items, one into which Sean could drop all the things that took his fancy. The idea was that when he wasn't looking, his picks would find themselves back on the shelves.

It worked perfectly - and it gave us a look at the things that are really important to him. Here's a copy of Sean's shopping list:

Twelve pack of Wiggles yoghurts
Box of Cars tissues
Picnic bar
Crunchie bar
Box of chocolate Tiny Teddy biscuits
Packet of chocolate digestives
Pack of icy poles (various fruity flavours)
Glow-in-the-dark dummy
Power Rangers toothbrush
Nine Cherry Ripe bars
Two packets of Mentos fruit-flavoured chews
One pear.

The sad thing about most of that is that it's my fault. My wife's almost unique in that she's a woman who can't stand eating chocolate. I, on the other hand, would eat a manky trainer if someone had dipped it in cocoa first. Yup, the poor little bugger's got my genes alright.

Still, he did grab that pear and a toothbrush - all those lectures about decent nutrition and dental care have paid off then.

Incidentally, we were at the car before we spotted the Hot Wheels comic book he'd lifted from the magazine stand and smuggled past the cashier ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like "The Very Hungry Caterpiller"

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