Monday, August 28, 2006

Gap in the Net

And we're back.

A day after the last post I had a stand-up, shout-down-the-line argument with my Internet Service Provider, a slanging match that ended in my telling them exactly where they could poke their 'service'.

It felt good at the time, storming off to the competition, all righteous anger and defiance, but the ten-day offline period I've had to endure while the new service gets connected up has been trying to say the least.

It's not only the blog that's suffered from the online black-out: having to drag the kids along to an Internet cafe everytime I need to do something has turned even the simplest task into an uphill battle. My work relies on a steady back-and-forth with email, I do most of my banking online and God alone knows how my Fantasy Football team's doing, since I've been unable to check anything more specific than scores in the English Premier League.

But normal service has now been resumed - thanks to everyone who's checked in to the site for updates, long after most people would have lost patience and given up. Lots to fill you in on ... after I check my email again.

'Cos I can.


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