Saturday, September 16, 2006

Two Writes, One Wrong

Another couple of days of fruitlessly chasing around subjects for the story I have to file on Monday. Managed to secure one important interview for tomorrow, which is a giant step forward compared to the constant, dispiriting lack of results over the last week or so. It should allow me to get the front of the piece done at least. Shame the back end's looking so vague.

So, about 48 hours to go, and it's certain I'll be spending about 46 of them doing the headless chicken thing.

On the bright side, a very well-respected writer has said some very nice things about something I've written, which has perked me up no end. You know who you are, and since you said you pop in here every now and again, thanks again - it's always good to have someone tell you you're on the right track.


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