Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Eleventh Hour

I'm happy to report that my wife's former company settled out of court today, putting an end to the weeks of wrangling over her dismissal. Can't say too much about it, as the details are to be kept confidential, but they essentially played hardball right up until the last minute, presumably hoping the looming tribunal would scare us off. It didn't, they realised that and they settled. We got what we wanted - my wife's vindication - so now it's a just a matter of her finding more work.

Have landed a couple more paying projects myself in the last day or so, keeping the wolves from the door for another couple of weeks. Will be getting stuck into those tomorrow. Meanwhile I had an amusing and profitable conversation last night with my Melbourne co-writer, Mr Mond. Progress has been made - if only I can get it down on paper to my satisfaction ...

If anyone wants to check out Mondy's work (and you should - the man's exceedingly talented) you could do worse than read this or this. His yarn in this, in fact, was the first Bernice Summerfield story I ever read, and it set the bar nice and high. Check it out.


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