Monday, November 20, 2006

Steps in the Right Direction

After a lethargic weekend it was a good day for writing today. Aside from the news about the Old Friends cover I also managed 2,500 words on the short story, which currently exists under the title This Train Terminates ... Fair warning that I'll just be calling it T3 from now on because I'm extremely lazy and can't be bothered typing it all out.

Better yet, only about 75% of what I've written is pants. Hurrah! Nothing a good rewrite can't fix, though, and at least I'm getting the shape of the story down.

In other good news, my wife's lawyers have swung into action on her dismissal case - should find out soon if there's going to be a settlement or not. Maybe Tiny Tim will get a Christmas after all.

And I also found out my best mate's been cast as the new Doctor Who. Which you don't get to say every day.

What's that? No, she wouldn't lie to me about something as important as that ...


Blogger Peter Pan said...

And dead good she looks too ... and who is that incredibly handsome fellow in the trench coat and converse?

6:50 PM  
Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

Lie to you Pete? Never! If I don't make it to the silver screen it'll be because the details of my new role were leaked. Ahem. x

7:10 PM  

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