Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scenes From The Second Storey: Contributors and Cover Revealed

The book I've been working on with Amanda Pillar since last August has just been properly announced by Morrigan Books. Here's the cover and the official blurb that goes with it:

Inspired Stories by Aussie Authors

Each story in the Scenes from the Second Storey anthology was inspired by a track from The God Machine’s album. Quirky, dark, insightful and sometimes downright disturbing, these tales reflect the emotions and images our authors experienced when they heard ‘their’ song from Scenes from the Second Storey.

In Scenes, you will meet a girl struggling to find cleanliness in a world full of corruption with Kaaron Warren; follow the twisted mental pathways of the egocentric with Robert Hood; watch two men search for enlightenment down a dark path with Paul Haines; and dance with a girl struggling to find her role within society with Cat Sparks.

These snippets are a mere taste of what you will discover between the covers of this anthology. If you love The God Machine or are looking for a collection that boasts a stable of talented Australian writers, you must grab a copy of Scenes.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 2010

Scenes from the Second Storey


Dream Machine - David Conyers

She Said - Kirstyn McDermott

The Blind Man - Felicity Dowker

I’ve Seen The Man - Paul Haines

The Desert Song - Andrew McKiernan

Home - Martin Livings

It’s All Over - L.J. Hayward

Temptation - Trent Jamieson

Out - Stephen Dedman

Ego - Robert Hood

Seven - Stephanie Campisi

Purity - Kaaron Warren

The Piano Song - Cat Sparks

After so many months of working with such a great group of writers, it's good to be able to credit them at last. They all worked their socks off to contribute to what I believe is a very fine book indeed. As you can find out for yourself in September ...


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