Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick Check-in

This is turning into less of a blog and more of a monthly report, isn't it? Hmmm.

Since I was last here, things have moved on considerably, work-wise. I've been offered a full-time contract with the magazine company at which I've been freelancing. Obviously this is a good thing (or will be, once the papers are all signed) but the long hours have meant a slowing down in my other writing activities. Grand total for this month, in fact, is a 900 word flash piece for the Australian Horror Writers' Association, written in less than an hour. Going to have to get more disciplined about writing at night, instead of, well, vegging over the finale of Lost ...

There has been other news, in the meantime, but I can't name names until official Tables of Contents have been announced. The flash piece I wrote for The Campaign For Real Fear has indeed been accepted for publication elsewhere, while the short story I was working on in March and April has also been commissioned. I'm quite pleased about that one - it's not my usual style of story at all, and it'll take some careful work when the edits come back to make sure I get the tone exactly right.

Other than that, it's as you were. I'll obviously try to pop back soon, but you know by now how it goes ...


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