Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Reviews and recommendations

I'm a little behind with the posting for this first bit of news, so apologies for those who already know. Last week Locus magazine released its recommended reading list for books released last year, and it was great to see that Twelfth Planet Press made the original anthologies category with Sprawl. Congrats too to Peter M Ball, Angela Slatter and Cat Sparks, whose stories from the collection got on the list for best short stories.

A little more up to date, and another review's been released for the antho Beauty Has Her Way. The critic goes in reasonably hard on a couple of the stories, but judges that Someone Else to Play With "has some surprising twists that proved delightful" and "was very much my favorite" from the middle of the book's three sections. Good to see, too, that KV Taylor (who's become something of a ToC buddy in Stateside releases) got the thumbs up for her tale.

I'm having a couple of days off from writing after the customary dash-to-the-line for my last story - with a bit of luck it'll allow me to catch up on some reading, including a potential editing project I really should have got stuck into earlier. Actually, maybe I'll get stuck into it now...


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