Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back of the Net

Frantic dash to the line with this magazine story today. With all the hitches over the last few days (nanny aggro, interviewees going missing for a week) it's two days past deadline and the ed was starting to get concerned. Not what you need on your first job for a new employer, especially since I've not missed a deadline for anything since university. Nothing says 'unprofessional' like that. Still, the story's away now, and I'm hoping the fact that the absentee interviewee was recommended to me by someone at the mag might count for something ...

In other news - Australia qualified for the Asian Cup this evening with a 2-0 win against Kuwait. Am pretty pleased that at one point in the game seven of the eleven Socceroos on the field were from my adopted 'Strayan team, Sydney FC. Watching the Premier League over here's pretty difficult, given the time difference, so I've got into the A-League, with almost every match shown live on cable each week. It's a little irritating that Sydney are no longer my local team, and it'll be weird turning up to Perth games to cheer the away side. Unlike the UK, though, there's little fear of any crowd trouble, so I'll still be getting along. Season starts in a week or so.

Meanwhile, I had a great picture to post here about BA cancelling flights (thanks, Roo. No, can't get used to that - thanks, Rach) but there's some problem uploading pics at the minute.

Maybe later when it's hopelessly out of date and no longer topical.


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