Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pass the Fava Beans

It's Census Night Down Under. Every householder in Australia should have had someone drop off a fetching orange booklet filled with questions about the people staying in their home tonight and what they all generally get up to.

Spent a while struggling with the box entitled 'In the main job last week, what was the person's occupation?'. Tried to fit in 'Consuming alcohol in vain, lightweight attempt to empathise with Pete Doherty while watching documentary about same. Concluded not enough alcohol in house'. Got as far as 'Consuming alcohol', then ran out of space.

Well, at least the important bit made it in.

Also managed positive responses to: 'Last week, did the person have a full-time or part-time job of any kind?'; 'Did the person actively look for work at any time in the last four weeks?'; 'In the last week did the person spend time doing unpaid domestic work for the household?' and 'In the last two weeks did the person spend time looking after a child without pay'?

Thought I was going to get full marks, but dropped points on the question about whether or not I did any voluntary work for charity.


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