Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hi-5: Alive?

My daughter was watching kiddie band Hi-5 on TV this morning, enraptured at a sequence in which the group sang amidst billowing dry ice.

I made the mistake of commenting on the magical, dreamlike nature of the clouds, only for her to look at me with serious eyes and inform me that the clouds weren't at all magical or dreamlike, but were, in fact, 'car smoke'.

This brought to mind a documentary I watched a few months ago about rock band The Flaming Lips, in which one of the band members recalled having a motorbike on stage during a live performance and revving it loudly to the music. The resulting exhaust fumes filled the enclosed space and nearly gassed everyone.

I'd like to think it was remembering this (and the instant mental comparison between Hi-5 and The Flaming Lips) that made me choke on my coffee in amusement, rather than the idea of children's entertainers meeting their doom from carbon monoxide poisoning. After all, the latter would be wrong and absolutely Not Funny.

Now, if it had been Barney ...


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