Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ex Terminated?

I've had the same dream for a couple of nights now, that an ex-girlfriend has flown all the way out from England to tell me that she has incurable cancer.

Not sure that I'm a big believer in things like dreams pre-figuring or echoing events in real life - and even if I was, there's no way to check. Haven't seen or heard from the woman concerned in more than ten years and wouldn't even know where to start looking. (And can you imagine what would happen if I did track her down? 'Hi! Long time! Not terminally ill, by any chance, are you? Hello? Hello?').

What it does suggest to me, however, is that my subconscious is in a bit of a jumble regarding old flames. A different ex, one with whom I remained in touch and good friends, has dropped off the face of the planet. No emails nor other response from her for months. Looks like that's worrying me more than I realised.

Meanwhile, work's suffering from the midweek slump when neither of my children is in school and writing's nigh on impossible, especially since the kids have discovered the long-term entertainment prospects to be found in just hitting each other. Things move along, nonetheless, with a couple of ideas I'm thinking about sharpening in focus. If I can't actually write about them I can still work them through in my head ... sibling smackdowns permitting.

Also received a copy of the Old Friends cover image, now coloured up.

And very fine it is too.


Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

Surely the best title of a blog entry EVER. Brilliant stuff. x

6:00 PM  

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