Friday, October 13, 2006

Sleeping with the Enemy

The end of the school holidays approaches with all the speed of a snail that's been superglued to the patio, and I've got to admit that the little ones are trying my patience. It's good, then, to suddenly have a little moment that gives you a warm glow, something that makes you proud of your offspring and gives you hope for the future ...

Walking past the local ABC shop (think BBC if you're from up north), my son was entranced by a certain item of stock that he had to own immediately.

For three days they've been inseparable, with my three-year-old lad proudly declaring to anyone who'll listen, 'Love cybman!'

They're asleep together now.

That's mah boy.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

I have that figure too .... its currently cluthcing Rose Tyler with K9 on guard. The Doctor is stood at the TARDIS console not looking.......

4:34 PM  

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