Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Work in Progress

Spent a couple of hours on the phone last night with a fellow scribe in Melbourne, kicking around thoughts for a project on which we could work together. The time difference between there and here meant the poor sod didn't get off the phone to me until 1am (sorry, mate!), but by the time we were done yakking some interesting ideas had been dragged into the open. Now I just have to jam them back into quiet bits of my head and see what ferments. It's not the most efficient way to work, but it gets results eventually.

Today was set aside for gainful employment, which warrants a quick shout-out to a couple of people in Sydney for responding to my distress call in a more than timely manner. Cheers then to Louisa (it's always nice to have a friend in a high place ...) and Helen at TV Week for the commission. Much appreciated the both of you - that's the rent paid for next month.


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