Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Now Get Tapes of That

You did read the previous post, didn't you?

No? Off you go then ...

All done? Right.

One other thing to arise from my fondness for continuity clips has been remembrances of other old BBC shows. One that gets a prominent mention in the clips on the New Beginnings set is Now Get Out of That.

You can find out more about the programme here, but essentially it was a game show that pitted two teams against each other in the great outdoors, giving them a series of puzzles and tasks to complete as part of a spurious espionage scenario. Think of it as an early precursor of reality TV.

The continuity announcement that brought it all flooding back stated the airtime as after 11pm, which suggests I watched it on videotape, but I remember absolutely loving it. I'm sure it'll seem dire, watching as an adult, but if anyone's got any old tapes (or, dare I say it, a DVD) drop me a line - I'd love a look.


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