Monday, October 20, 2008

Tank's For Nothing

We've had a semi-formed plan for a few weeks now to get the kids a little aquarium for Christmas. Back in Sydney they had a couple of goldfish (who had to be donated to their daycare centre when we left) and the question of replacing them has been raised again, so why not?

As with most things, timing's everything. If we hadn't been discussing it, my wife wouldn't have mentioned the plan to a couple of her friends. They, in turn, wouldn't have immediately revealed that they were moving house and no longer wanted their warm-water set-up ...

So we're now the proud owners of some very swish fish in a proper tank with sunken ships and everything. Woo-hoo! Thanks then to Jane and Andrew for being early Santas.

Meanwhile I've finished that story for the Morrigan crew and fired it off for judgment. Won't hear anything more about that until next month, but there's plenty to be getting on with in the meantime. I should probably start on that other yarn they asked me to think about some months back, shouldn't I?

And even though it's the most abject and disastrous display of football I've ever had the misfortune to witness, I'm trying to maintain a sense of humour about those lads in north London. So this one's for Steve Nash, who has so far resisted rubbing it in too hard (but give him time):

What's the difference between Spurs and a triangle?

A triangle has three points.


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