Thursday, September 04, 2008

House of Horrors

When we all uprooted ourselves from Sydney and moved to Perth a couple of years back, one of the reasons was that the rental property was so abundant and - compared to New South Wales - so cheap.

Well that's come back to bite us in the arse, hasn't it?

You may have noticed it's been a fortnight since I posted on here last. The first of those two weeks was lost preparing for our quarterly property inspection. Every three months the landlord's agent pops around to make sure we're not running a crack house or breeding livestock in the living room. That in turn means that I have to spend a week beforehand removing all trace of drugs and pig droppings so we don't get caught out. But after many days of scrubbing, buffing and polishing, job done. Get the inspection itself out of the way and I'd be able to get back to work.

Except that when the agent arrived he didn't even take the time to inhale his first whiff of polish before dropping a bomb on us. It seems the owner wants to move some relatives in and that our lease isn't getting renewed when it runs out .. on October 2.

Now since we moved to WA there've been property booms and credit crunches and all kinds of economic shenanigans that have led to not only higher rents but also a shortage of rental properties. In simple terms we have been left with the task of finding a new home in a town where you'd have more chance of spotting a unicorn, all the while knowing that for the same rent we're paying here we'll have to settle for somewhere considerably smaller.

Then, of course, there's the small problem of having to conjure up around $3000 for the requisite deposit/advance rent you need to put down whenever you rent a place. And let's not forget that our options are further narrowed by having to stay in the catchment area for our school, unless we want to pull the kids out and find them a new place of education.

All this - assuming we need a week to sign papers and physically move - realistically needs to be sorted out in about three weeks.

Which is why I've been a bit quiet. Quite apart from having to divert almost all my free time to looking for a place and starting to pack up the house (got to do it now regardless of whether we find anywhere) I've been too bloody furious to post anything here without devolving into sweary ranting.

In the meantime there have been a few work-related snips of news that are worth putting up - I'll be blogging them as soon as I get the chance - but if I'm off the radar for a bit that's why. With a bit of luck I'll have some news sooner rather than later.


Blogger Addster said...

That situation sucks, mate. I hope you luck onto somewhere decent and it turns out better for the whole family in the long run.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

Thats poo.
Squatters rights!
Hurts your knees after a few mins mind.

Good luck to you all x

7:38 PM  

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