Friday, January 02, 2009

Hot and Can't Be Bothered

Spoke to my grandmother on the phone last night and she informed me that she's now due a harsh weather payment from the government to help with the heating bills. The payment kicks in after three days of sub-zero temperatures apparently, and her part of England has just passed that mark. I've got to admit to being a bit jealous, not of the payment - although a bit of extra cash wouldn't hurt right now - but of the cold.

We're now into our third (or is it fourth?) day of high-30s heat here in Perth. Compared to previous Januaries, that's not so bad - the last couple of years the temperature's consistently topped 40 degrees. Not only that, we were living in a poorly ventilated weather-board house that effectively slapped on an extra five degrees. But despite the weather being slightly cooler and our having moved in a house with a breeze, I've still slipped into an apathetic lassitude that's thwarting any activity more taxing than laying under a fan with a book or a DVD.

Obviously that's not the most conducive state of mind for concocting New Year's Resolutions, so I'm running a bit behind all those bloggers who've already posted their promises of self-improvement. I do have a couple ... not the most original or exciting, but I'm stuck in first gear here.

1) Post here more regularly. I've been a bit slack about it recently. Must do better.

2) Exercise more. This is my wife's resolution, actually, but I inevitably get caught in her slipstream so why not? Contingent on the heat abating enough for me not to keel over from sunstroke and on my left knee not giving up on me again. That'll probably mean a trip to buy new trainers - the last time I jarred the aforementioned joint I was wearing joggers so old I might as well have been running in flip-flops.

3) Something Bigger. This year both the kids are in school full-time, which will free up a full five days of peace and quiet each and every week in which to write. At the moment I'm getting a couple of short stories done each year, which is fair enough with the time available, but from the end of this month ... well, I'd like to take on a larger project or two. I have a small idea that's growing steadily, but if any editors are looking to commission out audios, novellas, hell, novels even, I've got nothing but a keyboard and time on my hands ...

That'll do for now then. Back to the fan.

Oh, and Happy New Year. (See? Brain melt ...)


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