Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolution Road

I'm not very good at keeping New Year's Resolutions, but things seem to be working out rather well at the moment. As far as getting fit goes, the arrival in the house of a Wii Fit board has had a huge impact, and I've turned into something of an exercise junkie. That is, of course, extremely out of character, but the thing's just too damn convenient. I can do 45 minutes of physical jerks every day without having to leave the house, which means I can still keep an eye on the kids while I hurt myself. I just don't have a sufficiently good excuse not to do it any more. Anyway, I've lost 1.1kg in six days so far. Which is nice.

As to my decision to take on at least one larger fiction project than usual, I wasn't expecting to make much headway with that until the kids went back to school. But a long e-chat with someone a couple of nights back included an offer of work that, while it wasn't something I've ever really considered doing before, could fit the bill. More about that when it's confirmed. In the meantime I'm still scribbling madly in notebooks, getting ideas in order for a spec piece I've been nursing for a few months. I want to be ready to start as soon as classes restart in three weeks, and it's looking promising.

A good beginning then - just got to maintain the pace.


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