Friday, October 02, 2009

"A Gorgeous Collection"

Got a surprising but altogether tingly piece of news about something I've written today ... but since I don't think I'm allowed to actually say what it is yet, I'll distract you with something else.

Copies of Grants Pass should be available in the UK and Australia soon (I think - but don't forget you can always order one directly from here). The book's already freely available Stateside, however, so I assume the US is where this latest review of the book comes from.

It's a long and reasonably detailed analysis (although not so much as to be loaded with spoilers), the bottom line being that it gives the book a lovely big thumbs up. Better yet, it names my story as one of several stand-outs in a book that by all accounts appears to be packed with them.

Go see what the reviewer has to say, and then make the only sane decision you can ... buy a copy.

Here endeth the pimpage.


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