Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 'e' in Book

Things are a little quieter at the moment, although an impending house move means they won't stay that way for long. I've used the time to finish off the first-round edits on a novella I've been asked to look at, but now that I've sent the comments off to the writer, my time's my own (until he gets back to me with his comments on my comments, at any rate).

I've got a novella of my own that needs rewrites for publication later in the year - more on that a bit closer to the time - but aside from that all there is to report is that two books with which I've had some involvement have got the 'e' treatment.

Voices - an anthology about nastiness in hotel rooms - contains my story Just Us, described as a 'brutal police procedural' by one reviewer. You can now buy it on Smashwords or as a Kindle book from Amazon.

Meanwhile, Scenes from the Second Storey is also available now in electronic format. There's been a lot of positive buzz about this one - see for yourself in the Smashwords and Kindle versions.

And since I'm talking about it, let's not forget the award-winning apocalyptic anthology Grants Pass has been out in e-format for a while and can still be bought on, you guessed it, Smashwords and Kindle.

Here ends the sales pitch.


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