Sunday, September 24, 2006

Someone You Can Look Up To

Just back from a couple of days down the coast in Mandurah. Got hold of the paper and, after all that racing about, the article didn't make it in.


Got talking with my father-in-law about the rapid rate at which my son's growing. At just on three years old, he's almost a full year behind the other kids in his daycare class, but is as tall as most of them - taller, in a couple of cases.

This isn't a big shock, considering my wife's over six feet tall. What was slightly disconcerting was the suggestion that if you double the height of your child at the age of three, the figure will be pretty close to the height they will be when fully grown.

Sean's one metre tall exactly, so if this forumla is to be believed he'll be two metres, fully grown.

That's six foot six and a half, old money.

If someone wants to forward my number to Peter Crouch's agent, I'm free to talk all day tomorrow.


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