Monday, October 02, 2006

There's an Obvious Joke to Be Made Here ...

Sub-editing for magazines and newspapers can be a thankless task - checking the words of others for factual correctness and then trimming those words to fit into the space allocated to them doesn't give you much chance to shine.

There are opportunities, however, if you're willing to take them. I worked as a sub at a national magazine for several years, and one of the things that made the job worthwhile was coming up with the headlines for the stories we were editing. The editor loved humourous heads and gave us the freedom to run wild coming up with them - one particular effort I penned led directly to interest from other magazines and my receiving a promotion. On a day to day basis, though, the chance to be creative in a job where you spend ninety per cent of your time enhancing the creativity of others is an unfettered joy.

Or you could just look at it like it's fun to come up with smutty jokes that many thousands of people will read.

Either way, it's good to see someone else loving their work in the same way I used to. Football website Soccernet had this gem today.

Got to wonder if it's down to the same person who did this a couple of years back ...


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