Friday, November 10, 2006

Rogue Mail

The junk mail's got a lot more interesting since moving to WA - in Sydney it was all store catalogues and real estate agents touting for business, but in Perth it's far more diverse. Here's what was clogging up our letterbox this morning:
  • Martial arts school (first class free!)
  • Open-air personal training ('Do it outdoors - with friends!!')
  • School of Performing Arts (who include programmes designed to 'assist with personal hygiene'. Which is a weight off)
  • Tuck Pointing (something to do with brickwork, apparently - not choosing sweets at the school shop)
  • Guaranteed weed-free sheep manure (Free delivery - minimum five bags)
  • Equipment hire (rent all kinds of exciting tools, including my personal favourites the Penetrometer (I'm not even sure I want to know ...) and the Pedestrian Roller Compactor, which I'm reasonably sure was outlawed by one of those human rights conventions. And as for the Rotary Hoe ... I bet the Lion's Club's losing members in their droves).
  • Real estate agent touting for business. Well, there are some universal constants ...


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Sheep poo? Youd think they'd throw in the weed just to keep you high enough t not care .... oh, not that kind of weed?

7:58 PM  

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