Monday, November 13, 2006

Off the Boil

Contrary to expectation, I'm probably getting less done now that my wife's out of work and helping with the kids than I was before. There's no one good reason for that, but today, perhaps, it's been down to the heat - the high temperatures certainly haven't been conducive to anything more than vegging in front of the TV with as many cool drinks as can be lined up on the coffee table.

Nonetheless, my weekly reviews are due tomorrow, the precious TV Week job is needed as soon as possible and my horror story is expected at the end of the month. Despite plugging away on all three projects, however, I can't seem to kill any of them off. Still, if I can get a few hours in tomorrow I'm hoping the first two will be cleared by mid-week.

One thing that is starting to bubble away nicely is the set of ideas I discussed with that fine writer chappie from the east coast last week. Something extremely nasty popped into my head at around lunchtime and I'm reasonably sure I can weave it into his suggestions for a story setting.

Dragged myself to the pool again this morning, both to work on my back and get out of the heat. Went at a different time than usual, and rather than having the place almost to myself, I ended up having to share a lane.

Which is how I suffered the ignomony of being lapped by a granny.

Don't want to talk any more now.


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