Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Show Must Go On

Much excitement yesterday as my son's Christmas concert rolled around. We already knew that Jingle Bells was on the song list, having caught him singing along to it on the TV and getting all the words in exactly the right places, and the video camera had spent 24 hours charging to be sure we captured every second of his stage debut. Cos we're parents; parents do that.

And then they play it back for your mates at your 21st ...

So, spirited away by the teachers for an hour beforehand, all the better for getting him into his festive costume, Sean finally emerged with the rest of the eager littlies.

And bawled so hard we thought he was going to bust a blood vessel. He was so distraught, we had to take him off the stage - he didn't even get to sing a note.

Videotaped the dog sniffing round the garden instead.


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