Friday, January 12, 2007

Eternal Sunshine of the Befuddled Mind

Set aside this morning for a phone interview I'd been asked to do with an elderly lady. It was something I'd arranged with her a few days ago and had to schedule for today because yesterday she was going to the bank, then doing her shopping ...

With the kids out of the house, fresh coffee made and a new tape in my machine, I was ready to go. The interview went something like this:

'Hello, is that Mrs X?'
'Hello! Is that Mrs X?'
'It's Pete Kempshall from [publication]. We spoke the other day ...'
'When are you coming over?'
'It's OK, there's no need to come over, we can talk over the phone now.'
'No, we can't. I'm going to the bank. Then I'm going to the shops.'
'Alright then. When would be a good time to call you back?'
'When do you want to come over?'
'It's OK, we can talk over the phone and save you a bit of time. Are you available this afternoon?'
'I'm out this morning. I'm going to the bank. Then I'm going to the shops.'
'Not this morning then. How about this afternoon?'
'Yes, I'm free this afternoon. I'm going to my friend's house.'
'So you won't be there if I call this afternoon?'
'I'm going to my friend's house, yes.'
(Sound of phone receiver being smacked against journalist's forehead. Phone breaks.)

Maybe next week, then.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

2 words for you:

Two soups.

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