Monday, January 01, 2007

Talkin' 'Bout a Resolution

If you read a lot of blogs, you'll be sick of posts about people's New Year resolutions, so I'll make this one quick. Ish.

Decided there'll be three things I need to do this year: Professional, Mental and Physical.

Professionally, I'm aiming to get at least one story picked up for publication. That may seem like it's aiming a little low, but the opportunities are reasonably thin on the ground at the moment. I'm hoping the new round of commissioning for Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield range will provide some opportunities, and, if I can manage to pop up on the right peoples' radars from all the way down here in 'Straya, maybe I'll even get another shot at Who. I'm churning ideas around for my project with Mr Mond (who's over from Melbourne in a couple of weeks, which should speed up the collaborative process) but it'd be nice to pitch for some other things too.

Of course, there's a cheat clause here - I've already had a story picked up, for Mark Deniz's horror anthology, which may appear in the next 12 months. That's why I said at least one story. Ahem.

My mental resolution is also down to Mr Deniz, whose outgoing 2006 resoultions have inspired me to, well, pinch an idea from him directly (thanks, Mark!). He's been reading a book a week for 2006, deciding on his Book of the Year at the end. In Sydney, I used to get through a book a week easily, but since moving to Perth it's been a lot harder. This year I'll be making time to read more, and the one-a-week schedule is a decent target. Plus it's a chance to get through some of the tomes I've had hanging around and not even opened yet.

Week One: The Water Room by Christopher Fowler. It's been sitting on my shelf for two years now, time it got a run.

Physically ... those in the know know I like chocolate. A lot. And I've got the kind of metabolism that lets me get away with it, too. Well, I did have. Come February there'll be fewer days to 40 than there are back to 30, and in the last month or so the years have started to show.

So, I shouldn't cocoa.


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