Friday, January 26, 2007

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Had my wife not lost her job last year, we'd be in England now, visiting relatives and taking part in the celebrations for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary (they got a telegram from the Queen and everything).

The anniversary being in January, we'd decided to travel over in the new year instead of at Christmas. A January trip also held a greater chance of my daughter getting to see the one thing she really missed seeing last time we went over: snow.

So it was a shade disappointing that my mum emailed me the other day with pictures of her street covered in a layer of the newly fallen white stuff - if we'd been able to stick to the plan, my girl would have had her wish.

Knowing that the UK and Europe are suffering such a cold snap also makes it seem rather ungracious to bitch about the weather here.

But I'm going to.

Today's temperature: 41 degrees.

Unless your house has air conditioning (ours doesn't), there's not a vast amount you can do in temperatures like these - work included. So it's fortunate that today's Australia Day (a public holiday). Here are some top tips for beating the heat on a day when everyone capable of motion is flocking to the beach to fight for a postage-stamp-sized square of sand:
  • Tie feathers to your dog's tail. Take it in turns to sit behind her while someone shows her dog biscuits.
  • Find a sports ground that has exemption from watering restrictions and wait for them to turn their sprinklers on. Dance under sprinklers (if you can roll in the mud, benefitting from its cooling effects, so much the better).
  • Empty the freezer and curl up really small. Think like a chicken nugget.
  • Run a cold bath. Sit in it. Remain there for several hours.
Have tried all but one of these.

The sun's just gone down. It's 39.3 degrees. I really wish we'd made it to England.


Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

Oh I wish you'd made it here too. Miss you lots xx

9:18 PM  
Anonymous The Buicks said...

We missed you too. If it's any consolation the snow only lasted two days.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

And we didnt get snow in Cardiff.... its not dipped below 10 degrees here, so while cooler than your summers day, still not really cold.

1:18 AM  

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