Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gongs, But Not Forgotten

I've been out of Sydney for seven months now, but I'm still on the mailing lists for all the film companies I used to visit in the course of my old job. As a result, my inbox has been deluged today with studios trumpeting whichever of their films grabbed Oscar noms overnight.

I've not actually watched the Oscars for years - not since Gwyneth Paltrow proved beyond any doubt that marketing is more important than talent when she beat Cate Blanchett to the Best Actress baldy. But this is the first time in years that I'm in a position of not having seen all the nominated films already, with just Little Miss Sunshine and An Inconvenient Truth under my belt.

I'm a bit sad about that - even though I hate the Oscars, I'll miss people asking my advice as they fill in their office Oscars competition forms.

Interestingly, if anyone wants a pointer for the Razzies, I've seen all but one of the films up for Worst Picture: Basic Instinct 2, Lady in the Water, Little Man and The Wicker Man ('Oh God! Oh Jesus Christ!' And that was just me ...). The only one to elude me is BloodRayne.

That actually tells you a bit too much about me, doesn't it?



Blogger Peter Pan said...

I feel the need to watch the Wicker Man remake .... I am sick like that. And need a laugh

12:23 AM  

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