Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Three Little Words

My son has come up with the most infuriating sentence ever. He keeps saying it, and it gets more and more irritating with each go. The Sentence is just three words. Normal words, in a normal sentence - and they're the most annoying thing on the planet. Bar none.

Imagine you're busy. At the computer, washing up, or even, as on the last occasion he tried this one on, asleep at four in the morning. Your wife's similarly occupied, although not far away.

Then you hear it.

'Daaaaad! Daaaad! Daaaad!'

And so it goes on. And on. Louder and more insistent until you are forced to stop whatever it is you're doing, suddenly concerned that he's not just attention seeking, he's hurt himself, or dropped something or got stuck behind the sofa (again).

So you go to see what the problem is. There he sits, still calling, 'Daaaad! Daaad! Daaaaaaaaad!


'What's wrong, mate?' you ask, the picure of paternal concern. That's when he hits you with it. The three little words.

The Sentence.

'I want Mum.'


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