Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Video Spawned the Radio Star?

When I first arrived in Perth back in July I spammed every media outlet in the city with my CV, hoping to pick up some work.

I got my first bite a couple of weeks ago.

A radio station needs a movie reviewer, and I got a call asking if I'd like to audition. Over the next couple of days that turned into 'Can you record something for us and if we like it we'll use it'. Not having seen any films at the cinema since Casino Royale, however, I needed to get my contacts in order and go watch something first.

So after ten days of frantic phoning, emailing and, ultimately, viewing, today was the day I was supposed to hit the studio.

Up I turn, reviews in hand and eager as you like ... and the producer I'd arranged to meet was off sick. So was his assistant.

No one had the faintest idea who I was or why I was there.

Finally I was put in a studio and got on with it, still with no one - not even myself - knowing quite what I was supposed to be doing. And it went alright, once my tendency to talk at Warp Nine was dealt with. Should find out tomorrow whether anything's going to come of it all.

Meanwhile I've noticed that since transferring the Tyranny from Regular Blogger to Revenge of Blogger, my age on the profile screen has increased to 251. I'd like to assure my more credulous readers that this was a mistake and I'm fixing it right now.

Two ... four ... nine ... Sorted.


Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

"No one had the faintest idea who I was, or why I was there." Welcome to radio! Save Warp 9 for squeezing in terms and conditions when voicing ads with banks/credit cards!

2:27 AM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

Unless you come back to Blighty, in which case the RACC wont allow us legally to speed up the caveat anymore....... but I agree ... welcome to radio..... its like telly but with better looking people.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

See, you DO learn a new thing every day...

11:00 PM  

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