Sunday, May 20, 2007

Homer Alone

On May 19 last year, I was working in Sydney while my wife continued to set up home here in Perth.

Not an ideal situation for our sixth wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, seven years in, we were determined to make up for it and thanks to a last minute offer from someone to babysit the littlies, we actually got a couple of hours to ourselves for a meal at a restaurant in the city. Talked for a full three hours without anyone saying 'Daaaaaaad!' or bursting into tears.

OK, I might have snivelled a bit when I realised it was time to go home, but that was it.

It was also a big day yesterday for Ruby T, otherwise known as The Birthday Girl. I've always suspected she arranged to move her birthday to the same day as our wedding just so we'd always remember to send something. Hope you had a good one, R!

Different story today, though. My wife's becoming Active in the Community, which means she's had to start attending the local church, along with 95 per cent of the other mothers with children at the local school. Deciding to take the kids with her, I was left to my own devices for the duration.

Used the time to pull the computer apart and improve its tortoise-slow memory, but couldn't shake the feeling that my wife was imagining me spending the morning in an altogether different fashion:

Unlike the esteemed Mr Simpson, however, who vegged out and nearly burned his house down while his wife and kids were at church, I used my time fruitfully and productively.

I most certainly did not watch the FA Cup Final, nor did I dance a little jig at the thought of the grinning, modesty-bypassed Cristiano Ronaldo failing to lift the trophy.

Not me, guv.


Blogger Ruby Tuesday said...

So glad you had a nice anniversary. I feel very very poorly with a big big hangover. Thank you for my FABULOUS gift, I love it! Speak soon xx

3:43 AM  
Blogger Peter Pan said...

Dont talk to me about teh cup final.
I was away at the Vox awards and forced to endure the second half in the bar. Imagine my colleagues guffaws when I asked who Che (as in Guevarra) was, since his name was in the little caption. Apparently it stodd for Chelsea who were one of the teams. How was I supposed to know that?

4:38 PM  
Blogger Pete Kempshall said...

You think the second half was something to be endured, you should have seen the first.

Most exciting thing you could say about it was 'Ooh, that new Wembley Stadium looks nice.'

4:48 PM  

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