Sunday, July 22, 2007

'We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat'

Far and away the biggest draw to this blog for random intenet punters is a post I once wrote that included the words 'how to kill a shark'. Seems there's more than a few people out there interested in the best way to dispatch the finny predators. Not that they'd find any help from that particular post, but that doesn't stop them dropping by ...

So when I saw this picture in the paper last week, I knew I was going to have to post it here too. This is the kind of thing that turns up in the water off WA every now and again.

The shark circled the fishermen for around half an hour before losing interest. It was around five metres long ... the boat was just six.

Taking no chances, coastguards put in a call for Roy Scheider but the shark swam off before he could get there.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Wow. I love Sharks. Woudl actually shit my pants in that scenario though

5:02 PM  

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