Friday, July 06, 2007

Ratted Out

Had the pest inspectors round today for the regular termite check on our rental property. Such assessments are an essential element of home maintenance in 'Straya, where termites thrive - we lived in a place in Sydney once where I could actually hear the little buggers chewing through the door frames. By the time the exterminators got there, all that was left was the paint, covering over an empty space.

Luckily this place came up clear. Of termites ...

Seems our roof space has more rats than every mafia movie made in the last forty years combined. Pest Guy estimated the rodent population to be sizeable enough to warrant laying fifty traps up there. Fifty!

Which makes me glad it's winter here in Perth ... because the extermination service doesn't extend to coming back to remove the bodies once they're dead. Pest Guy will only return to clean up, he says, if we start to notice any strange smells.



Blogger Peter Pan said...

If you are really lucky, you will have teh one from ratatouille and he'll start cooking for you.

8:34 PM  

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