Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fight For Your Right To Party

Sorry if it's been a bit quiet round here lately. A sudden influx of wage-work and the need to sort out some fiddly jobs I've been putting off at home (fixing the chameleon circuit, that sort of thing) has meant there's not been a lot of writing time. That said, the break's done me good, and a rather interesting story idea has been fermenting in my week off-duty. With a bit of luck we'll see how it turns out later ...

Meanwhile I've been catching some interesting glimpses of my children's futures in the last couple of days. My boy's developed a fascination with The Italian Job (the original, not the remake), and is even now watching the the heist sequence over and over again, re-enacting it with his toy Mini on the back of the sofa.

Born in Australia he may have been, but the English in him is shining through.

As to my daughter ... well, she decided the other day that she wanted to have a party at the park for her friends. And the best way to make sure it happened?

Yup. She organised a petition for the parents.

She's six. Six.



Blogger Peter Pan said...

She is a musical waiting to happen....

5:25 PM  
Blogger Pete Kempshall said...

'I know - let's put on the show ourselves!'

5:30 PM  

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