Thursday, August 23, 2007


You may (or may not) know that In Bad Dreams gets launched at the Conflux convention in Canberra next month. It's always been the plan to get along and support the book, but that all got torpedoed this morning when I sat down and worked out just how much it was going to set me back.

The big issue is that there are no cheap flights that weekend - the exorbitant cost of travel to and from the nation's capital, along with the cost of accommodation and the entry fee for the convention itself ... Well, by the time I'd done my sums I was staring at a bill just this side of $2000 (about 820 quid for all you English viewers).

To put it into perspective, it's going to cost $8000 to fly my entire family to the UK in January ...



Blogger Peter Pan said...

sweet lord ... Easyjet need to get out to Oz methinks

4:32 PM  

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