Saturday, December 15, 2007

The State I'm In ...

Hurrah! The end's in sight for so many things that I've finally got a spare couple of minutes to blog again.

The least impressive stat I have to share is for DVDs reviewed. That's currently standing at 19 remaining with 11 days left on the clock. Considering 13 of those haven't even arrived from the distributors yet, you can see why they've been pushed to the back of the queue.

Meanwhile the end of my regular engagements on various Sydney-based gossip magazines (for now at least) left all of last week free. It's the first completely clear block of time I've had in months, and I've been using it to finish various fiction projects.

The shortest - but by no means the easiest - was the last task on a short story I finished earlier this month ... the Author Bio. Now I've not done too many of these - four, I think - but the time you take, staring at the screen in a bid to come up with a paragraph about yourself that's somewhere between shameless self-promotion and forced-funny ... I really need to get out more and get some more interesting things to say about myself.

The other project in progress has been that long-gestating script I've been working on. Actually, if it really were a baby, the gestation would be long over and it'd be crapping its nappies and keeping me up all night by now.

Those who are up to speed with the saga will know the synopsis was finished in January - but with no deadline to work to and no money at the end of it the job's been pushed from pillar to post, set to one side every time something with a pay cheque attached hoved into view.

Well, I set myself Christmas as a cut-off point to complete it, and I've astounded myself. In just a week, I've gone from two semi-finished episodes to three in the hole and the fourth more than halfway through. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm turning out 1500 - 2000 words a day, making me wonder how much sooner I could have had all this done if I'd got a clear run at it.

Nine days to Christmas ... and it's finally all coming together.


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