Thursday, November 22, 2007

Head Up My Arts

The busy period continues, although things are starting to ease off a bit now. Last week was a race-to-the-line to complete the first draft of a story for which I was on deadline. The job was well in hand until it became obvious that I was going to blow-out the word allowance by a not inconsiderable figure ...

Now I'm reasonably good at editing things - I can trim the dead wood from a piece of writing without too much trouble. Unless it's my own writing. That's when it turns into carnage.

The thing with editing my own work is that I know how the story is meant to play out, and so my mind fills in the blanks in the narrative. It's only when I leave the story for a while and take a step back that I realise I've chopped something absolutely essential for anyone other than me to understand the yarn ...

Still, 2000 words were consigned to the recycling bin, which still left me over the limit, but thanks to an understanding editor all's well.

In fact I actually have to put something back in ...

Meanwhile I'm double-booked for the next two weeks thanks to a misinterpreted email. That may or may not get sorted by next week. If it doesn't, no sleep from Monday.

So yes, apologies again for neglecting you - if it's any comfort, I was so wrapped up in work that I also failed to notice the not-too-quiet demolition of a house three doors down yesterday.

Apparently my comedy double-take when I walked past the pile of rubble that used to be a residence was something to behold.


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