Monday, October 22, 2007

Tales of Ill Fortune

Well no sooner was my good lady wife up and about than it was my turn for the lurgy, starting with complete lethargy on Thursday and Friday, moving on to vomiting and feeling like I was being slowly lobotomised with a broken bottle right through the weekend.

Back to something approaching normal today, but I'm extremely annoyed to have lost two full days of writing to the illness, especially since I'd worked double-time on something else to ensure those days were clear. Still, both projects I need to work on have deadlines that are a way down the track yet, so I'm hoping the loss of productivity won't be too disastrous.

So apropos of nothing else, a premonition of impending doom (switch off now if you're not a football fan).

You know the feeling - you can see the disaster coming a mile off, but just can't do anything at all to prevent it ... well Spurs (much as I love them) are a little lacklustre at the moment. Tonight they are playing away from home at Newcastle, and they desperately in need of a win to get out of the relegation zone and prove they're not entirely rubbish.

Now I also think Spurs manager Martin Jol is the best thing to happen to the club in a loooong time, but under the circumstances should he really be giving it the old verbal about how Spurs are in a different league to their opposition?

Well they'd better win tonight or they bloody well will be.


Blogger David Bishop said...

It's amazing Jol's still got his job at this point. Why aren't Spurs doing better?

3:32 PM  

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