Tuesday, October 30, 2007


After far too long out of the saddle - thanks to holidays, illnesses, paying work and the like - I finally got some writing done at the weekend. Not plotting-writing, which tends to go on at the back of my head regardless of whatever else I'm doing. Proper writing. Stringing words together on a page and all that.

And didn't it feel good. Better still, about three-quarters of it was useable at the end of the day. I normally end up rewriting at least half.

Meanwhile I've received tacit approval from higher-ups about a short story I've been waiting on. That's to say I've had a message saying that if I haven't had a message before this message I'm good to go. Which is nice.

More exciting than all that, though, is news that my wife's teaching stint at UWA has led to an invitation for her to do a PhD there.

My wife's going to be a doctor ...


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