Sunday, December 16, 2007

Writes of Passage

So there you have it then - today I finished my first ever script, and my, does it feel good.

I've banged out around 12,000 words in the last six days to get to the end, so it's bound to have a few clunkers in it. One more pass tomorrow and I'll be happy with it.

Meantime, another first - seeing something I've written for sale in a proper bookshop.

While I've got a couple of books out now, I've not been able to point anyone who's asked where they can buy them in the direction of a high street seller. It's not unusual to see Big Finish books for sale in UK bookshops, but I can only think of a couple of places that sell them here in Australia - and I've never seen anything I've done in either. Most people down this way buy them over the Internet, I suppose.

There's a new sci-fi and fantasy bookshop in Perth's Carillion Centre, however, and while I didn't spot any BF books in there, they had a sample copy of In Bad Dreams prominently displayed on a table for people to ... well, sample.

So if you're one of my WA readers and you fancy a look, you know where to go.

Or you would, if I could remember the name of the place.


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