Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hot Tempered

I'm not coping with the heat at the moment. There's been no rain in Perth since 19 December, and with temperatures still in the high 30s, any task involving concentration has been utterly beyond me. If I'm not narcoleptic, I'm prey to irrational flare-ups of irritability, neither of which are conducive to work.

That said, I finally got something down on paper today, after more than a week of lethargy. It's a synopsis I'm pitching for inclusion in a short story collection, and with the deadline for proposals just three weeks away it's a relief to have done it. All I can say at the moment (in case the story sucks very badly and I need to erase all record of it having existed) is that it's called Signature Walk, and that my extreme annoyance with the heat may come through in the writing. But only a little bit.

The heat's also bringing out Perth's nutters. I was standing outside a public building yesterday, listening to a podcast and waiting for my wife to come out, when a seedy looking bloke approached me and accused me of being an undercover cop. Rather than lurking around, he suggested, I should just search his car and be done with it.

He didn't buy my explanation that I was just waiting for someone, and continued to exhort my rifling through his glovebox until finally losing interest and driving away. Can't understand why he thought I was undercover. It's not like I was standing there in a hat and dark glasses, focusing intently on the voices coming through an earpiece ...



Blogger Peter Pan said...

Now, had that been me, Id have had him spread eagled on teh boonet and given him a good frisk. Then gone through his car just to have a nose. and then of course, Id have been arrested.....

9:59 PM  
Blogger Pete Kempshall said...

In the end it was easier to just slap him with an on-the-spot $50 fine ;)

And you wouldn't have wanted to frisk him ...

9:19 AM  

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