Monday, January 14, 2008

From House of Mouse to Home of Who

Today's the first day in about a week we've stopped moving, which must mean it's time for the holiday update ...

It was off to Paris last Wednesday for the kids' trip to Disneyland, a day and a half of marshalling small people and haring from one ride to the next. Highlights included:
  • My wife having a narrow escape, being about five people from the front of the queue at the Space Mountain ride when the whole thing broke down and staff had to send in abseilers to retrieve the trapped punters. Strangely once the ride had been fixed she refused to go on it.

  • My little-kid performance on the Buzz Lightyear shoot-em-up ride, in which I went from sceptical dad to alien-blasting sharpshooter in the space of four seconds. I had to be physically removed from the area to prevent me going around again. And again.

  • Having a small lunch of a salad, a chicken burger, a lasagne and some chicken nuggets, then being slapped with a bill for 90 Euros (that's around £70 or AU$150 ...).

  • Spending the same amount the next day and getting a far larger meal and a host of Disney characters appearing at the table to interact with my delighted children. If only I'd seen that restaurant first ...
There was a lot to cram into a day and half, and everyone was exhausted by the time we reached the UK again. Even so, there's no denying it was worthwhile, if only to see my daughter get unfeasibly excited at seeing the Disney Princesses 'for real'. Got plenty of pictures, but they're for a later date (when I can get them off my phone, the magic doo-dad needed to download them currently gathering dust in Oz).

The very next day, my wife and I were off again - this time sans children - to visit my very old friend Rachel in Swindon. (That means I've known her for a long time. She's not actually 'very old'. So no emails, please Rach ...). Operating under another name in that town, she's a minor celebrity there and was extremely pleased we made it from the station to her house without seeing any buses with her face plastered over the side. Next time, darlin'. Next time ...

Spent the night catching up with her then it was away to Cardiff to meet the brilliant Paul (you may know him as Peter Pan) and his other half Dan, who took us on a walking tour of shooting locations for Doctor Who. Rach and my good lady wife were rolling their eyes as mine were widening at locations such as the shops where the Autons attacked and the spot where Kylie beamed down to Earth in this year's Christmas special. Amusingly, by the time we had got to Cardiff Bay and the site of Torchwood's Hub, they were as into it as I was. Heh heh heh.

[Incidentally, the campaign for Paul to start a Doctor Who street tour starts here - what he doesn't know ain't worth knowing.]

The visit was capped off with a drop in at the Doctor Who Up Close museum, for some mugging with the exhibits. That's something we do have pictures of ...

You'll have to wait for the phone downloads to see our heroic posing with the sonic screwdrivers, however.

And now we're home again, for a couple of days off before the next expedition. This week - London, to meet some new friends, some old friends, and some Old Friends.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Twas my pleasure to show you round fella. The posing pic is on my account of the day, if you are able to nick it ..
And yes, Space Mountain broke down for us too .. oddly we did go on and were the first public riders to do so, with an Australian rugby team who screamed like girls.

5:39 PM  

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