Monday, December 31, 2007

Travel Sickness

Well here we are in merrie olde England, for the first time in three years, and I've got to say I'm loving the cold. Of course, it doesn't hurt being told that back in Oz the temperature's cracked the 44 degree mark ...

We're all over the jet-lag now - although the dark-until-8am, dark-by-4pm scenarios are confusing the hell out of the kids. Better yet, we all seem to have got past the various ailments we picked up since leaving.

Take a long-distance flight anywhere and there'll always be someone coughing up bits of lung and infecting everyone else on the plane by spreading their germs through the recycled air system. I'm sorry to say that this time, that person was me. As I've come to expect, I was ill within two days of finishing work - it's as if my body acknowledges I have a shedload to do and develops superhuman powers of immunity to ensure there's no missing the deadline through sickness. But the second the job's done ...

The rest of the clan have fared little better. My wife and daughter have both copped gastro and only this morning were we all reasonably fit to leave the house.

So if you're wondering why we've not been in touch, that's why - I'm hoping to start arranging to meet people soon. Don't be shy if you want to get in touch with me first and bump yourself up the queue - just be aware my mobile's not working now I'm in a different hemisphere.

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone - it's already 2008 Down Under, dontcha know.


Blogger Peter Pan said...

Get your self down to Cardiff!

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