Friday, October 16, 2009

Encounter Group

School holidays are over, which means I'm back to busy, editing for the Second Storey collection and proofing for another upcoming anthology (not my project, just helping out ...).

Toughest gig of the week, however, was coming up with an Afterword and Biography for my story in Close Encounters of the Urban Kind. I've mentioned before my tendency to get horribly blocked with this kind of thing. I can understand why people like the Afterwords - they're like mini director's commentaries for each story - but I do struggle to find something interesting to say ... If I 'um' and 'ah' over the Biography, however, I could simply recycle it from an old book, so I've only myself to blame, right?

Meanwhile the full table of contents for the anthology is now up at Apex Books' website. I say "full", but there are still two winners to be selected for the book from the writers competition. I know someone who's entered, so fingers crossed for him ...

As it stands, the line-up is:

Alma Alexander - I Am Sorry for Talking So Rarely to Strangers
Erik Scott de Bie - Racing Lights
Richard Lee Byers - End of Life
Nate Crowder - Frames of Reference
Ivan Ewert - Waterheads
Robert Farnsworth - A Late Night Snack
Pete Kempshall - Dead Letter Drop
Carole Johnstone - The Invitation
Rosemary Jones - Two Out, Wendigo
Martin Livings - Lollo
Eric Lowther - It Came from the Backseat
Ramsey Lundock - Tea Cups & Saucers
Shannon Page - The Hippie Monster of Eel River
Joshua Palmatier - Mastihooba
Jennifer Pelland - Headlights
Rick Silva - Roadkill
Jeff Soesbe - Green Tears on Black Velvet
Eddy Webb - Gloomy Sunday

A few Grants Pass alumni on there you'll notice ... but judging solely from the information here, I really want to read Two Out, Wendigo. With a title like that, it's got to be worth a look.


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