Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things of Beauty

The table of contents has just been announced for Dark Quest Books' forthcoming anthology Beauty Has Her Way, edited by Jennifer Brozek. The theme of the collection is women using all the means at their disposal to get what they want, and the rundown of stories is:

Sacrifices to the Moon by Paul D. Batteiger
Dunkle Froline by Ramsey Lundock
Tears of Blood by Joshua Palmatier
I, Theodora by Maurice Broaddus
Vengeance is Mine by Kenneth Mark Hoover

The Moko-Jumbie Girl by Chuck Wendig
Someone Else to Play With by Pete Kempshall
Daggers in Her Garters by Ed Greenwood
Men Do Nothing by Philomena Hill
Witch Fire by Erik Scott de Bie
Becoming by David A. Hill Jr.

Ride the Rebel Wind by Amanda Gannon
A Well-Embroidered Heart by Keffy R. M. Kehril
The Runner by KV Taylor
Trapped Star by Ann Wilkes
Her Eyes On by Kay T. Holt and Bart R. Leib

Personally I'm very pleased to be in another book with KV Taylor - if you count an upcoming, as-yet-unannounced volume this is the fourth time we've shared page space, and I've got to say she's a bit good.

More details as and when!


Blogger katey said...

I always so look forward to your stories, and I couldn't be more pleased! This is going to be a lovely one-- and I don't think I intended a double meaning there, but hey, that works too.

1:42 AM  

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