Thursday, October 05, 2006

Show Me the Money

It's school holidays (again - I swear I never had so much time off so often when I was a nipper) so the days are once again all about entertaining the littlies.

This time around, however, parents have had the option of wheeling out one of the biggest guns in the Keep the Kiddies Occupied arsenal: the Perth Royal Show.

For northern-hemisphere types who don't know, the Show's a mixture of country fair and amusement park, and it routinely attracts thousands of people. Packing into the showgrounds, visitors can gorge on weird varieties of fast food (a couple of years ago at the Sydney Royal Easter Show I got to eat a crocodile sausage. Wisely, I feel, I didn't inquire as to its provenance), try the rides and aggravate the wide range of farm life on display in the large sheds.

Make no mistake, though, you'll leave the show with far, far fewer dollars than when you went in. On top of the not-insignificant entrance fee, just about everything inside the show itself costs. Still, you can't put a price on the looks of joy on your kids' faces as they spin round and round in extremely slow circles on weathered plastic elephants, can you?

Actually, you can - if my daughter had been old enough to appreciate it, I could have bought her a small iPod for what we laid out.

In all fairness though, going to the Show also means getting Showbags. And Showbags are cool.

Basically themed goodie bags, there are hundreds to choose from - the trick is getting the most for your money. Have a browse to see what you might have picked here.

The kids did reasonably well (even if half of the toy cars in my son's bag were smashed to bits within an hour of starting to play with them...), and I scored chocolate, but being the mad West Coast Eagles fan she is, my wife was gutted to find the WCE showbags were sold out.

Attempts to persuade her that she'd rather have the Hottie Lingerie bag instead fell on deaf ears.


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